Tactical Innovations Tac-16 .223 Suppressor




Tactical Innovations

Manufacturer Number:
223 Remington
Unit of Measure:
Class 3


The TAC16 suppressor has quickly become a top seller for AR15/M16 style firearms and has often been described as the perfect marriage of performance, strength and beauty. Its 100% precision CNC machined steel construction gives it the ability to withstand the pressures and heat from long bursts of full auto fire, making it an easy choice for M16 applications as well as for AR15 semi auto use. Simply unscrew your factory flashhider and replace it with a TAC16 suppressor and you”ll know why the TAC16 continues to be a favorite of AR shooters. For a .223 suppressor, get a TAC16 – THE CHOICE IS EASY!

The TAC16 suppressor is constructed to withstand full auto burst firing. it’s made to easily handle a 100 round continuous burst from a full BETA C drum on a 20″ Colt M16, as demonstrated in the accompanying 100 ROUND BETA C DUMP VIDEO CLIP. Of course with the heat generated by long bursts, the operator must periodically inspect the suppressor to ensure the integrity of the machined blast baffles, which are visible through the 1/2 x 28 threaded mounting hole. Blast baffles can be replaced by the manufacturer and the suppressor reassembled without any detriment to the assembly.

The ability to fire long full auto bursts requires a suppressor that is constructed of sufficient strength to withstand the substantial blast. The TAC16 suppressor is 100% manufactured from US certified steels to include the tube, endcap and all baffles and internals. The suppressor is matte black professionally hot blued for a finish that is as durable as it is attactive, and that is virtually unaffected by the extreme heat that is frequently encountered.

Do you hate earmuffs when you shoot, especially in the hot summer? Do your neighbors wish you preferred golf to target shooting? Now you can shoot .223 ammo and have it sound like a .22LR (due to the sonic crack generated by the bullet exceeding the speed of sound) with our TAC16 suppressor on your AR15/M16 rifle. The reality of current suppressor designs and manufacture is that not much is new in the world of suppressor design from one suppressor model to the next resulting in a performance in decibel reduction to the ear that is comparable from one suppressor to the next. Although our meters can quantify db differences between suppressors, db measurements will vary between days, guns, ammunition etc. As a result, we build our suppressor baffle stack first based on our meter and then modify it based on human perception feedback. For instance, a slightly higher db at a different frequency might appear quieter based on the shooter’s ability to hear it. Similarly, duration of peak db will have a different impression on your ear. For instance, a micro second at one db level will set a peak level on our meter (regardless of its duration), but it still sounds more quiet than 2 or 3 times the peak length of time at a slightly lower db level. Based on the wide range of differences in db data collection, data integrity and data interpretation, we do not publish meter generated db reductions (which have become somewhat of a joke in the suppressor industry). We are confident that when you shoot an TAC16 suppressor, you”ll agree that its performance delivers.

Our TAC16 suppressor, like our complete suppressor line, can be completely disassembled by the user to include the removal of the front endcap and all the internal baffles, and then cleaned and reassembled. Since .22LR ammunition of any configuration should never be shot through the TAC16 suppressor, it should not be necessary to disassemble the suppressor for cleaning. However, the ability to disassemble for service is a significant cost saving benefit. Disassembly and re-assembly should only be performed in strict compliance with our most currently published TAC16 Disassembly Procedure instructions.