About Us

Our goal is to provide you with the
best possible service and high
quality products.


The Gun Shop is your source for quality arms,
ammunition, and accessories.  Whatever your
application, the knowledgeable staff here will
make sure the product or service meets your

The Gun Shop carries firearms and equipment
for a wide variety of interests.  We are a
stocking Class III dealer with close ties to
custom Class II manufacturers.  We can meet
the needs of the individual enthusiast and the
advanced professional.

The Gun Shop is a stocking dealer for Advanced
Armament Corp., John’s Guns, Double Triple
Trading, Americase, Streamlight, and Glock.
We regularly inventory firearms from
Heckler&Koch (HK), Sigarms, DCH MFG,
Larry’s Guns, Walther, Rock River Arms,
Remington, Taurus, and other brands as well as
surplus firearms from around the world. We
carry ammunition from Remington, Wolf,
Hornady, CCI, as well as many surplus sources.
Our stock of accessories includes products from
Fobus/CAA, Magpul, Brownell’s, HK, Laser
Devices, LULA, Boyt, and other gear.

If we don’t have it, we will make all possible
efforts to get what you want to you.