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For the most demanding and discerning suppressor customer that requires a suppressor that cuts no corners in material costs, manufacturing process or technological advantage, the QUEST suppressor delivers at a price that can only be achieved by our volume manufacturing capabilities. The entire suppressor – tube, endcaps and all baffle internals are CNC precision machined from stainless steel. For an ultra quality, premium performance suppressor, nothing else comes close. The QUEST suppressor – THE CHOICE IS EASY!

Although traditional suppressor construction utilizing anodized aluminum is more than adequate for long suppressor service life, some customers prefer and are willing to pay for the additional strength, durabilty and life expectancy that only stainless steel construction can offer. The QUEST suppressor is 100% manufactured from stainless steel to include the tube, both endcaps and all baffles and internals.

No machining operation was cut or in any way compromised in the manufacturing process of the QUEST suppressor. Every component in the suppressor assembly was designed first based on performance functionality and then based on minimizing weight, NOT based on manufacturing time. For instance, at considerable additional machining time and expense, each stainless steel “K” baffle in the QUEST suppressor has been additionally machined with “steps” to provide maximum surface area to increase db reduction. Additional baffle porting and vents have been machined into the baffle stack to provide peak flow performance. The result is an enhanced db reduction compared to a baffle stack using un-stepped traditional “K” baffles. For the endcaps, both have been skelatonized to maximize strength and minimize weight and both end caps have been enhanced to incorporate our proprietary 3 point lug drive disassembly method. The front endcap has been additionally machined inside and outside to provide a gas exit venturi. The sum of all the additional features, combined with its stainless steel construction, makes the QUEST suppressor truely a state of the art assembly that delivers a lightweight package with uncompromising suppression performance.

Do you hate earmuffs when you shoot, especially in the hot summer? Do your neighbors wish you preferred golf to target shooting? Now you can shoot .22LR ammo and have it sound like a pellet gun with our QUEST stainless steel .22LR suppressor on your rifle or handgun. The reality of current suppressor designs and manufacture is that not much is new in the world of suppressor design and most all modern suppressors us a 2 stage K baffle. The QUEST suppressor goes one step farther by adding the additional steps to each baffle (per number 2 above) resulting in enhanced db reduction compared to traditional “K” baffles. Performance in decibel reduction to the ear is comparable from one suppressor to the next. Although our meters can quantify db differences between suppressors, db measurements will vary between days, guns, ammunition etc. As a result, we build our suppressor baffle stack first based on our meter and then modify it based on human perception feedback. For instance, a slightly higher db at a different frequency might appear quieter based on the shooter’s ability to hear it. Similarly, duration of peak db will have a different impression on your ear. For instance, a micro second at one db level will set a peak level on our meter (regardless of its duration), but it still sounds more quiet than 2 or 3 times the peak length of time at a slightly lower db level. Based on the wide range of differences in db data collection, data integrity and data interpretation, we do not publish meter generated db reductions (which have become somewhat of a joke in the suppressor industry). We are confident that when you shoot a QUEST suppressor, you”ll agree that its performance delivers.

Anyone that’s shot .22 rimfire ammo knows how dirty it is. In addition to the dirt, with a suppressor, every shot sends a mist of molten lead out the barrel with the bullet. When the molten lead hits the suppressor, it hardens. An ultrasonic cleaner or home brew solvent will get the carbon out of the suppressor but it will not remove the lead. We have had suppressors that ship brand new at 4.1 ounces and are returned for service at over 12 ounces based on lead build up. The ONLY way to remove lead is to disassemble the suppressor and either wire brush or bead blast it off the baffles. We continue to maintain that .22 LR suppressors have to be cleaned. Think about it? Would you expect your firearm to continue to work at its peak performance if you never cleaned it? Our QUEST suppressor, like all of our .22 LR suppressors, can be completely disassembled by the user to include the removal of both endcaps and all the internal baffles, and then cleaned and reassembled. If you also don’t believe that .22LR ANYTHING can be “sealed and self cleaning”, then the ability to disassemble and clean your QUEST suppressor is a feature that will keep your suppressor operating at peak performance for many years to come without costly returns to the manufacturer for service.

One of the major advantages of a screw on “muzzle can” suppressor compared to an integrally suppressed firearm is that it can be used on multiple firearms to best suit the requirement. The QUEST suppressor is designed for either handgun or rifle use and works well on traditional mounting platforms such as a Walther P22 or a Ruger 10/22 rifle. Use on a P22 handgun, for either the 3.4″ or the 5″ models, requires a WALTHER P22 THREAD ADAPTER which installs easily with no modifications to the handgun. Installation on a SIG factory threaded Mosquito requires a MOSQUITO THREAD ADAPTER which installs easily with no modifications to the handgun. Installation on 10/22 rifle requires that either the factory barrel be professionally threaded on centers or simply install one of our REPLACEMENT 10/22 THREADED BARRELS. One other advantage of a screw on suppressor is that it can be disassembled from either end by removing BOTH endcaps to drive the baffles out either end. By comparison, the suppressor on an integrally suppressed firearm (assuming the manufacturer even designed it with the capability of removing the front endcap) quickly becomes soldered together with lead from firing making it difficult, and often impossible) to pull the baffles out the front of the assembly as compared to driving them out from either end. Between the inability to use integrally suppressed suppressors on multiple firearms as well as the near impossibility of disassembling them for cleaning, we do not offer integrally suppressed firearms.