OSS HX-QD 762 Suppressor, Torque Lock, Full-Auto Rated, Black




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Multi Cal
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Class 3

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A strong ‘utility player’ suppressor built with patented and proven Flow-Through technology, the HX-QD 762’s design and development were heavily influenced by the U.S. Army’s CSASS and SDMR requirements, it delivers 136-139 dB performance, is full-auto rated up to 5.56, and is cross-platform compatible up to .300 WM there’s no other suppressor like it on the market.

Compatible with Muzzle Brake-QD 556/762, Flash Hider-QD 556/762, and Comp-QD 762.Materials & Finish:

OSS Flow-Through suppressors redirect expanding gases forward using a 17-4 stainless steel deflectors and internal Grade 5 Titanium coils. The result is a comparatively cooler and extremely durable suppressor temperature testing confirms, the HX-QD 762 runs about half as hot as a baffle can at each stage of the CSASS endurance test. The fully-welded outer body is made of 17-4 heat treated stainless steel coated with C-series high temperature black Cerakote’.

Sound Pressure Levels:

The HX-QD 762 is the optimal choice for the widest range of rifles of different calibers. Sound pressure levels are measured at the shooter’s ear to comply with current military specifications.

134 ‘ 138 decibels (20’ Remington 700 Rifle using commercial grade 150 gr ammo)

133 ‘ 137 decibels (16’ AR15 DI using commercial grade 55 gr ammo)

138 ‘ 140 decibels (16’ 7.62 AR15 DI using commercial grade 150 gr ammo)