OSS Helix QD 7.62 Titanium Suppressor, 7.2″ Length, Black




OSS Operators Suppressor Sys

Manufacturer Number:
HX-QD 762 TI
Multi Cal
Unit of Measure:
Class 3


The lightweight multi-caliber offering from the guys and gals of OSS, the HX-QD 762 Ti is the choice for users who live by the mantra: “ounces equal pounds, pounds equal pain.” As with all of the OSS Helix style silencers, the patented Flow-Through technology of this silencer redirects the expanding gasses in a helical pattern allowing the gas to expand and cool as they move through the silencer body. This unique design also means that the expanding gas generate torque on the silencer and snugging it onto the mount. As the gas moves through the 17-4 stainless and Grade 5 titanium coils, the resulting effect on the silencer tube is a remarkably cooler and extremely durable suppressor.

Speaking of durability, the HX-QD’s are built with a full auto rating and easily pass the USSOCOM reliability stress test – said differently, these cans are built for abuse. The proven Flow-Through tech is also focused on the need to not increase back pressure (or blowback) like a traditional baffle stack might. These silencers are tested to impact bolt cycle speed less than 5% over a baseline, therefore muzzle rise and recoil are more easily managed as well as not effecting weapon malfunctions.Weight: 14.5oz

Length: 7.2”

Diameter: 1.6”

Finish: C-Series Cerakote

Build Materials: 17-4 Stainless & Grade 5 Titanium

Service Life: 20,000 rounds threshold with objective of 30,000 rounds (barrel length, fire schedule and ammo dependent)

Maintenance Schedule: A detailed cleaning is recommended every 2,500 rounds.

OSS Torque Lock is a patent-pending, tool-less locking system that ensures the suppressor will stay securely mounted onto the OSS QD muzzle device.

The OSS Test Rifles shall not exceed 140 dB ten shot average sound pressure level at shooter’s ear during barrel life.

OSS suppressors full-auto rating guarantees the suppressor passes the USSOCOM Reliability Stress Test.

OSS QD suppressors can be used on a variety of calibers and rifle platforms.

OSS Suppressors are engineered and tested to meet the highest military accuracy specifications worldwide.

OSS Suppressors are engineered so that the mounting interface is precise and consistent. The result is repeatable and minimal point of impact (POI) shift that meets military specifications worldwide.

Modifications to the bolt, gas tube, buffer or recoil springs, and other timing modifications are unnecessary.

Bolt velocity increases vary between -2% to 5% depending on weapon system, barrel length, and ammo types.

Suppressor maintenance can be performed to increase the service life of the suppressor. Detailed cleaning will help ensure product performance and service life are uncompromised