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223 Remington
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Class 3

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The HALO was designed to meet specific international military requirements for a compact, high efficiency suppressor for the 5.56mm weapons utilizing NATO ball ammunition. The additional requirement was that the suppressor be able to quickly attach securely to a 22 mm standard NATO specification flash hider without the use of tools. The HALO suppressor meets and exceeds these requirements in a physically small package.

The HALO utilizes the proven baffle design from the well known and highly successful M4-96D and is manufactured on the latest state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing centers from space age materials. It provides sound reduction well in excess of OSHA and MIL-STD requirements in a physically compact package. Additionally, there is no degradation of weapon accuracy. Suppressor life is known to exceed 25,000 rounds.

The patented mounting system utilizes the 22 mm standard NATO-specification bird-cage type flash hider as used by the military worldwide. Mounting or removal can be performed without the use of tools in less than 30 seconds. Because the mount uses the flash hider, it is necessary that the flash hider be concentric with the bore. Some of the AR15/M16 series weapons may have had the flash hider mounted with a split-ring lockwasher or a crush washer. The split-ring lockwasher will not keep the flash hider concentric and must be remounted. The newer crush washer may or may not keep the flash hider aligned properly, and we recommend re-mounting the flash hider with the provided peel washer. This suppressor and mount were designed specifically for military weapons and may not fit on non-standard aftermarket flash hiders or muzzle brakes often found in the United States. If there is any question, it is fairly simple to change to a 22 mm NATO specification flash hider, such as the Colt A2.

The suppressor comes with detailed instructions for installation and use. It also includes a peel washer for remounting of the AR15/M16 flash hider should the original flash hider be mounted with either a split-ring lockwasher or a crush washer.

The SIG 551 delivered in the United States has an integral flash hider 21.5mm in diameter, which is not NATO spec. On special order, we can provide a variant of the HALO specifically for this weapon. Although the SIG 552 also uses a non-specification flash hider, this flash hider is threaded on and we suggest changing the flash hider to one that is 22 mm in diameter.

Full Automatic Fire Issues:

Suppressors shown with or designed for machine guns are rated for fully automatic fire. In the case of suppressors designed for .223 (5.56mm), there are some limitations in the duration of fully automatic fire due to shortcomings in the ammunition, not the suppressor. 5.56mm is a unique cartridge. The projectile is physically small and lightweight having a relatively large surface area for the small mass. The relatively high muzzle velocity causes excessive barrel heating from friction, with outside barrel temperatures exceeding 700° F in a 100 round burst. Bore temperature is considerably higher. The projectile contains a small quantity of lead, which after a 90 round burst has started to soften and/or melt. The softening of the lead core results in geometric instability of the projectile, causing excessive yawing, tumbling, and suppressor baffle contact. These effects are not normally seen anywhere near this early in larger caliber projectiles, such as 7.62 NATO. Although the suppressor is capable of withstanding long bursts using ammunition not containing any lead, any lead containing 5.56mm ammunition will damage the suppressor. Because of the deleterious heating effect, most weapon manufacturers place serious limitations on sustained fully automatic fire and state that the barrel is ruined after a 200 round burst.


Caliber 5.56 mm NATO (.223)

O.A. Length 7.75 inch (197 mm)

Diameter 1.5 inch (38 mm)

Weight 25 ounces (700 gm)

Materials 300 series stainless steels

Finish Matte Black Oxide

List Price $675.00