Gemtech Alpine Rimfire Suppressor 22LR/.17HMR 5.6″, 1/2-28 TPI





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The G5 replaces the venerable M4-96D in a shorter, lighter, and more effecient package. It meets the requirements for a suppressor to be quickly attached to and removed from the weapons flash hider without tools. The G5 suppressor meets and exceeds SOCOM requirements in a physically small package that only adds 5.5 inches to the overall weapon system length.The all new Gemtech Quik-Mount mounting system (patents-pending) provides the fastest, one handed install. Simply push and twist to remove or install. There are no gates, levers, or locks. No springs to lose tension and allow the suppressor to unscrew. There are no flash hider external threads with potential for damage or loosening. The mounting system assures consistent mounting with repeatable accuracy.The barrek portion of the mount is torqued into position to assure the utmost accuracy. It retains compatibility with the older bi-lock mounts.Length: 7 in.
Diameter: 1.5 in.
Weight: 21 oz.
Finish: Matte Black Oxide
Mount: Gemtech Quik-Mount
Materials: Titanium, inconel and stainless steel
Weapon length is increased by only 5.5 in.All NFA rules apply.