Colt Mustang XSP Pocketlite Polymer .380ACP, 2.75″ Barrel

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380 ACP
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Mustang XSP .380 ACP 2.75 Inch Barrel Polymer Grip Frame with a Tactical Grip Profile 6 Round
Polymer grip frame with a tactical grip profile. Enhanced texturing on the front and back straps. Enhanced cut behind the trigger guard. 3.8 inch integrated accessory rail. Ambidextrous safeties. Blackened stainless steel slide. Front and rear dovetailed sights. Single action. Enhanced wide slide serrations. Weight: under 12 ounces. Overall length 5.5 inches.
The Return of the Mustang Pocketlite. Before they were discontinued, Colt offered a number of .380s: the original .380 Government, with a seven-round magazine and 3.25-inch barrel, and the smaller Mustang, with a 2.75-inch barrel and a shorter grip allowing for a 6+1 capacity. The company also offered Pocketlite versions of both models, with aluminum frames. The new Colt Mustang Pocketlite is a small pistol chambered in .380. It has the original’s 6+1 capacity. With the beavertail it is only about 5.5 inches long, four inches tall and empty weighs a mere 13 ounces. The Mustang XSP Pocketlite’s frame includes a 3/8″ accessory rail. Much like Colt’s famous 1911, the Mustang has a Commander-style hammer and manual thumb safety. The grip angle is similar to the 1911, but unlike the design of the 1911 the safety of the Mustang does not block the slide’s movement. Due to the size of the Colt Mustang Pocketlite, the manual safety is small. The Pocketlite has no grip safety, and it can be fired with the magazine removed. The top of the Mustang Pocketlite’s blackened stainless slide is bead blasted matte to reduce glare. The square-notch rear sight, which is drift-adjustable for windage, is dovetailed into the slide’s rear. The front sight is an integrally machined fixed ramp. A pair of coil recoil springs, one inside the other, surrounds the black polymer guide rod, which rides under the barrel and extends through the hole in the slide’s front as the slide moves rearward. A steel washer between the springs and the guide rod’s base prevents them from removing material.