Texas Silencer Company Scoundrel .22 Rimfire Silencer, 5.2″ Length, 1/2×28, Black




Texas Silencer Company

Manufacturer Number:
22 Long Rifle
Unit of Measure:
Class 3

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Machined from a mix of titanium and hardened stainless steel make the Texas Silencer Company Scoundrel ready to handle a lifetime of shooting with even the harshest rimfire ammo. The fine folks over at Texas Silencer have informed us that the Scoundrel will make your .22 “sound like a barn cat sneezing.” We fancy ourselves more of a cowdog kind of company so we’re assuming that barn cats don’t sneeze very loudly!

Shooting any .22LR through a silencer can be a messy business, so we really like the idea of a monocore rimfire silencer that only has 3 pieces. Simple to disassemble may not sound like a very important design feature, but believe us… it most certainly is. When it’s time to clean your gear after a long day on the range, you can rest assured that the Scoundrel is as easy as they come. Weight: 4.8 oz.

Length: 5.2”

Diameter: 1”

Rated up to 5.7x28FN

Threads: 1/2×28

Finish: High Temp Cerakote

Materials: Stainless Steel & Titanium