Stoeger X-20 S2 Black Synthetic Monte Carlo Stock and 4X32 Illuminated Red/Green Scope-.177 Cal./1200 FPS





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177 Pellet
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Stoeger Arms X20S2 air rifle

Single-shot breakbarrel

AFC (airflow control) technology is a dual-stage noise-reduction system by Humbert CTTS, (renowned silencer designer)

94.2 decibels

11mm scope dovetail (no open sights)

2-stage adj. trigger

Ambidextrous synthetic stock with dual raised cheekpieces

Textured pistol grip and forearm

Automatic safety

Shoots 1200 fps w/alloy pellets, 1000 fps w/lead

Includes 4×32 airgun scope with illuminated red/green reticle; uses CR1620 battery (included)

Even more quiet! Already one of the stealthiest breakbarrel airguns available, the Stoeger X20S2 lessens the noise with an improved system.

The X20S2 features the stunningly quiet X20S2 Suppressor utilizing advanced Air Flow Control (AFC) technology. This Dual-Stage noise reduction system combined with the sound reducing baffles make this rifle the quietest in its class. Most of the compressed air is bled off through the four decompression holes in the air regulator ring. Any air that’s left travels through the baffles to decrease the noise even more. The muzzle suppressor is molded to provide a firm grip for cocking the barrel in addition to its significant noise reduction.

With the Stoeger Arms X20S2, you can shoot at a flock of pest birds and not scare all of them away after the first shot. Stealth…this gun has it in spades, AND, its a pleasure to shoot!