OSS BPR Suppressor System, BPR-1200/SRM-6, 223 / 5.56 CAL, 1/2X28 FOR POF




OSS Operators Suppressor Sys

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OSS delivers the next generation of weapon suppression and signature reduction devices. Our Energy, Particulate Capture and Control Modular Devices are revolutionary, utilizing 12 patented technologies. OSS devices are specifically engineered to a weapon’s operating system, caliber, and barrel length. The function and physics of these variables are the essential basics of every design. The weapon system’s performance and reliability will not be sacrificed in order to gain the advantages of suppression.

The modular system components are designed to be configured at the end-user level in order to maximize effectiveness and tactical advantage from mission to mission. Every unit is caliber convertible allowing for the same outer housing unit to be used on multiple weapons platforms. This capability also allows for the use of all types of training ammunition, now it’s possible to practice as we play.

Modularity not only offers maximum effectiveness, OSS takes engineering to an entirely new level of cost effective sustainment. Any part of every device can be removed and replaced independently as needed. Regardless of the level of use, the cost of maintaining a suppressed capability has now been reduced to a fraction of tradition designs. A reasonable person would never consider throwing away a rifle or accepting poor performance when the barrel is burned out, we would all change out the barrel. As an essential capability, OSS applies the same principles and sensibility to suppression. Maintain your advantage!

Includes both BPR-1 (back pressure regulator) and SRM-4 (signature reduction module)

Incorporating several patented innovations, the BPR1 is at the heart of the OSS System. This device controls expanding gases in a way never before performed. This control allows for the “tuning” of every device to the intended weapon’s operating system, barrel length, and caliber. Controlling the expanding gases, instead of simple baffle trapping, eliminates up to 95% of the back pressure created by traditional suppressors.

Excessive back pressure is responsible for an increased rate of fire, excessive weapon fouling, excessive receiver, bolt, and piston wear and overheating. These factors are common in ALL existing suppressor technology and can cut the service life of a weapon in half. In addition to providing a solution for these issues; eliminating the majority of back pressure mitigates almost all of the increased toxic gases expelled out of the chamber and forced into the operator’s face by suppressors. These expelled gases are proven to contain lead particulates and carcinogens, not to mention compromising the operator’s sight and ability to breathe.

Integral to the BPR1 capture and control internal design is a patented self-tightening function. Every time you fire the weapon, the device tightens, it is impossible to loosen a BPR through shooting.

The BPR1 Over The Barrel suppressor offers several mission enhancing capabilities. The difference being OTB allows us to add minimal length to your weapon, 3.9″, and transfers the axis point of your weapon back towards the center point, making it easier to control/drive your weapon. Essentially, providing added capability with far less change to the balance each shooter is accustomed too with their weapon.

The BPR1 is also multi-caliber. For example, you can purchase a FHMB (Flash Hider Muzzle Brake) in any caliber from 5.56 through 7.62, and attach the BPR suppressor to every FHMB caliber.THE FHMB IS NOT A SUPPRESSOR COMPONENT.

The length of the BPR1 is determined by the mission-specific signature reduction requirements, caliber and weapon system.


Central component of the OSS system

Reduces back pressure, expelled gases from the chamber, excessive operating system wear, rate of fire increases, visual and thermal signature, decibel output

Self tightening

Capable of being either over the barrel (OTB) or flush mount (FM)

Multi caliber convertible

End user serviceable

100 percent sustainable

Delivered with one FHMB

Signature Reduction Module (SRM)

As the name implies, this device was designed and engineered specifically to reduce visual and sound signature. The SRM is placed in line after the BPR. The SRM can be built to achieve whatever signature level reduction is necessary. Generically speaking for a standard M4, an SRM 4 will bring the decibel level well below ear safe. As with all OSS modular components, it is for the operator to decide which components offer the greatest advantage for each mission or operational environment.

The size of the SRM is determined by the mission-specific signature reduction requirements ranging in length from 2.3 to 5 inches.

As with the BPR, each SRM is caliber convertible and can be used with your BPR on multiple weapon platforms. This capability also allows for the use of all types of training ammunition.


Designed specifically to reduce visual and audio signature

Exceptional decibel reduction

Built as per operator preference, minimum recommended is SRM 3, largest available is SRM 6

Proprietary thread attachment

Self tightening

Multi caliber convertible

End user serviceable

100 percent sustainable

SRM component is included with every BPR1 to complete the supressor system