Gemtech Halo Suppressor, 5.56, Black, Titanium Silencer, 5.56mm





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The HALO is our true “grunt” suppressor – rock solid, easy to use, and requires no modification to the host weapon. It utilizes a simple, patented, no-tools mounting system that slips over most NATO weapon 5.56mm flash hiders. There is no need for proprietary mounts or modifications to the barrel. It may be swapped between many different weapons easily, including the M16, M4, HK416, and M249. HALO’s have earned a reputation as a product of exceptional quality at an absolutely fair price. Welded construction alone isn’t enough – Birthed for battle, the HALO has proven itself in conflicts around the globe. As technology has advanced, the combat-proven HALO has been improved by trimming weight and length while retaining the same excellent dB and flash reduction.

The patented mounting system utilizes the 22 mm standard NATO-specification bird-cage type flash hider as used by the military worldwide. Mounting or removal can be performed without the use of tools in less than 30 seconds.

The suppressor comes with detailed instructions for installation and use. It also includes a peel washer for remounting of the AR15/M16 flash hider should the original flash hider be mounted with a crush washer.
Caliber: 5.56mm NATO / .223
Sound Reduction: 29 dB
Full Auto Rated
Length: 7.2″
Diameter: 1.5″
Weight: 12.2 oz.
Materials: Titanium & Inconel
Finish: Desert Tan Cerakote With Reduced Visual-IR Signature
Mount: 5.56X45 Universal, Fits A1/A2 Flash Hiders
For Barrels: 10.3″ or Longer