Colt Aztec Jaguar Knight Talo 1911, .38 Super, Royal Blue Gold Limited Edition

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38 Super
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The Jaguar warriors were the highest ancient Aztec military rank .In battle they carried bows, spears and daggers. They wore special battle costumes, representing eagles and jaguars with feathers and jaguar pelts. Great physical strength, battlefield bravery and captured enemy soldiers were necessary to obtain this rank.

Commoners who reached the vaunted Jaguar rank were became nobles and earned special privileges: they were given land, could drink alcohol (pulque). They also wore their hair tied with a red cord with green and blue feathers. With rigorous training they became the Aztec military elite.

Our Colt Jaguar Knight is a full size, carbon steel government in .38 Super caliber. These Colts were issued special serial numbers at the factory: LMA001 through LMA400 The edition features a very detailed and extensive embellishment. Both the slides and frames are polished royal blue. The slide is embellished with a deep etch Aztec Jaguar theme and selectively plated with 24k gold. The hammer is high polished. The slide stop, thumb safety, barrel bushing and mag release are all polished & royal blued. The hex style grip screws are 24k gold plated. The grips are a unique combination of a white pearlite material with printed Aztec patterns and a gold rampant Colt medallion. This edition includes one 7 shot magazines, a special descriptive insert and box label.

This is the most extensive work we have done on a Colt so far. We tried to address every detail. Those 24kt gold coated hex grip screws for example are a costly upgrade.