AWC Nexus III HK Tactical .45




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Manufacturer Number:
45 ACP
Unit of Measure:
Class 3

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The AWC Nexus IIITM is the next generation of the Nexus .45 suppressor, the world’s first! The Nexus III is a .45 caliber sound/signature suppressor that accommodates a variety of pistols, allows the use of full powered ammunition and provides reliable selective semi-auto firing.

Its predecessor was built under multiple US Army contract for the Glock 30, and now AWC has the privilege of equipping elite Spec Ops with the Nexus III for use on the Sig P220 Combat & HK USP Tactical Pistol.

The Nexus III is built tough for users who require equipment to flat out work regardless of extreme conditions. Hot desert, freezing cold mountain terrain, or salt water emersion, this unit is dependable and can handle the abuse.

The special recoil regulator module integrated into the very effective Nexus III silencer guarantees reliable semi-auto fire. This suppressor, in addition to significantly reducing muzzle blast, is also effective in the elimination of muzzle flash, and felt recoil. Although the unit is designed to be fired with artificial environment to obtain the optimal suppression, its dry performance is impressive. This unit does not contain any type of mesh packing or accuracy degrading wipes. The Nexus III 45 suppressor is constructed of corrosion resistant titanium, stainless steel, 17-4PH heat treated steel & 6061T6.

The Nexus IIITM mounts on the factory threaded barrels of the HK MK23 SOCOM, HK Tactical, HK Tactical Compact and Sig P220 Combat .45 pistols. Properly machined replacement threaded match grade suppressor tuned stainless steel barrels are available for Colt, Glock, Kimber, Para Ordnance, S&W Military & Police, SIG and Springfield Armory XD pistols directly from AWC or authorized AWC dealers.

SPECS OA Length 7.7 inDiameter 1.35 inWeight 13 ozConstruction Materials 304 Stainless; 17-4PH; Titanium; 6061T6Standard Mounting Systems 16 x 1 RH; 16 x 1 LH; 37/64 x 24; 37/64 x 28;Standard Finish Matte Black