Amtac Sniper 7.62 Suppressor, 5/8-24




Amtac Suppressors

Manufacturer Number:
308 Win 7.62x51mm
Unit of Measure:
Class 3

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Designed for heavy-barrel bolt guns and semi-auto rifles, our SNIPER series suppressors are built using aerospace-grade CNC technology. We machine the entire baffle out of a single piece of 17-4 PH steel in order to lower weight, increase durability, and ensure exacting tolerances. Threading the baffle directly to the barrel allows for ultra-precise concentricity resulting in a rock-solid return to zero and minimal POI shift when unsuppressed.

SNIPER series suppressors greatly reduce both recoil and muzzle blast to help you stay on target and see your hits. They also bleed off pressure as the bullet passes the baffles, which results in a decrease of standard deviation of muzzle velocity by up to 20% and leads to tighter groups and less vertical spread on long-range targets.

The over-barrel design of our SNIPER-series suppressors adds only 3.7″ to barrel length for easier maneuverability and transportation. Moving the suppressor back from the bore reduces swing weight for faster transitions between targets and lessons the fatigue of off-hand shooting. Unlike most center-fire suppressors, the CQB features a user-serviceable design that can be disassembled and cleaned after use in harsh environments.Length: 9.7″Over-Barrel Length: 6”
Diameter: 1.62″
Weight: 22.2 oz
Thread: 5/8-24
Max Barrel Diameter: 0.95″
*Suppression: 17-22 db
*Speed Boost: +1.2%
*Sdev of Boost: -20%
*Results may vary depending on rifle configuration and ammunition used.

16″ barrel / carbine-length gas
18″ barrel / mid-length gas
22″ barrel / rifle-length gas