AAC (Advanced Armament) M4-2000 5.56mm 51t Silencer




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The worlds most effective 5.56mm silencer just got better. AAC’s M4-2000 Mod 08 features the patent pending fast-attach Ratchet-Mount to provide precision accuracy with minimal and repeatable zero-shift. Users have the ability to install or remove the silencer from the Blackout™ flash hider/muzzle brake, or the BRAKEOUT compensator, in seconds. Includes 51T 1/2×28 Blackout® Flash Hider Mount.

The compact size and light weight have minimal affect on maneuverability. The M4-2000 Mod 08s extreme durability is maximized by CNC automated fusion welding of every high-temperature aerospace alloy component used in its construction- making 100% suppressed full-auto fire possible on barrels as short as 10 inches. The back-pressure lowering design of the silencer aids in shooter comfort, reduces weapon fouling, and minimizes cyclic rate increase. As a final step, tapered-bore EDM technology is utilized to ensure precise bore alignment resulting in enhanced accuracy and maximum performance. By eliminating approximately 97% of the muzzle report, the M4-2000 Mod 08 preserves the hearing of the shooter and nearby support personnel. Eliminating muzzle flash in the harshest of environments.

This silencer installs to your rifle with one of the following muzzle devices:

BRAKEOUT™ 51T Compensator

BLACKOUT® 51T Flash Hider

Blackout™ 51T Muzzle BrakeName : M4-2000 5.56mm 51t SilencerDesc : 86603 Quick Detach SilencerModel : M4-2000Model # : 86603Manufacturer : AAC (Advanced Armament)Caliber : 223 Rem | 5.56 NATOType : NFA – SilencerFinish : CerakoteLength : 6.625″ (Added 5.10″)Magazine : / Weight : 17.6 Oz.